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Website Speed & Performance Optimization Service

25% of people who have to wait 3 seconds or more for your website to load will hit the back button and go elsewhere. back 75%
We test, analyze and speed up websites – which leads to more conversions, a decrease in abandonment and higher customer satisfaction.

Consequences of a slow website

Lost business
Lower SEO rankings
Frustrated customers

How fast is your website?

Google PageSpeed Insights analyzes your website and gives it a speed rating.

Enter your website address below (all lowercase) to see how you rank. If you score less than 80, your website could use some improvement.

How we improve your website’s performance

Make sure you’re using a reputable,  rock-solid web host

Make sure you’re using a reputable, rock-solid web host

Your choice of web host can make all the difference.

Cheaper hosts cram as many websites onto their servers as possible, overloading it and making everyone’s site run slow. We’ll take a look at your web hosting plan and make a recommendation if we feel a move is necessary.

Install speed optimization software

Install speed optimization software

Many content management systems have third-party speed optimization plugins.

These include page caching and automatic script minification, which can lead to drastic improvements in load speed. We’ll set one up on your site and tweak it for optimal performance.

Use a Content Delivery Network

Use a Content Delivery Network

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) increases website load time by storing parts of your website on servers worldwide.

When someone in Africa views your website it will load just as fast as it would for someone from Toronto. Based on our analysis of your audience, we’ll determine whether or not a CDN is right for you.

Optimize your Images, JavaScript,  and CSS

Optimize your Images, JavaScript, and CSS

Images, JavaScript and CSS make up the bulk of what slows most websites down.

We’ll use tools and techniques to make sure everything is optimized for speed, without sacrificing quality.

Tools we use

Turbocharge your website

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