Web Marketing Agency Evaluation Worksheet -

Web Marketing Agency Evaluation Worksheet

So You Need to Hire an Agency?

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 5.06.02 PMOnce you’ve made the decision to hire external help and have narrowed your search down to a few agencies, where do you go from there?

Price can often take a front seat while other critical factors get overlooked when deciding on the right web marketing agency for your company.

We’ve put together a set of questions and an accompanying worksheet to help guide you through the process of selecting the right agency.

The questions cover a comprehensive set of topics (some of which that are often forgotten during this process) and the worksheet helps you score and compare the agencies you’re considering.

In addition to listing each question, we show you the answers you should be looking for. Questions include:

  1. Do Their Services Match Your Needs Now?
  2. Will Their Services Match Your Needs In The Future?
  3. How Does Their Portfolio Look?
  4. Do They Have Reliable References?
  5. What’s Their Policy On Communication?
  6. How Much Client Involvement Will There Be?

Plus 7 more…

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