Mobile Website Design & Development -

Mobile Website Design & Development

More than half of web browsing is now done on mobile devices. Are you in the palm of people's hands or at home on their computer?

Being accessible anywhere and offering a seamless experience on mobile is a must. We'll help you get there.

How we make your Mobile Website great:

Loads quickly

Loads quickly

25% of people who have to wait more than 3 seconds for your website to load will leave.

This is even more important when it comes to mobile web browsing, which is still much slower than desktop web browsing. We put our websites through rigorous speed tests to make sure your mobile visitors get what they want – fast.

Works on all screen sizes

Works on all screen sizes

Manufacturers are coming out with new screen sizes daily.

Instead of designing websites for each individual screen size, we design our websites using responsive technology so they adapt to all sizes. This makes for a much easier to maintain, and more compatible website.

No zoom required

No zoom required

Let’s face it – people don’t have the patience to pinch and zoom on their phone to find content.

When we make websites, we make sure the text is a readable size right from the second the page loads.

Clutter free

Clutter free

You wouldn’t put the same amount of information on a business card that you would in a brochure – So why do the same with your website on mobile?

Screens are smaller and people want to find the information they’re looking for fast. Our websites intelligently hide non-essential content on mobile devices, focusing on the important information that matters to visitors on-the-go.

Did you know that many existing websites can
be made mobile-friendly?

Responsive websites

Depending on how your current website was built, we can retrofit it to work on mobile devices. Compared to creating a brand new website that is mobile-compatible this is a much more cost-effective option.

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