Google Click-To-Message Ads Coming Soon


Google is rolling out a new feature for ads which means good news for business and innovations to your marketing strategy. And it’s a free Google extension!

The new feature is called Click-to-Message ads.

Click-to-Message ads means that your business will be able to communicate one on one with your customer via text message. As an example, if someone searching for cheap flights to Hawaii and they see an ad from your company about that, they can Click-to-Message your business from the ad and ask if there are still first class seats

As of now, Click-to-Message relies on text messaging, so this option for ads will only be shown to people using their phones to search.

Everyone knows communication is key. With this new feature, Google gives us a direct line of communication with the customer (or potential customer). Google’s Click-to-Message feature on ads seems like a promising new tool for business that can help conversion rates (if used properly of course).

How Will It Look In Action?

From the users end: When a user click on the chat icon on an Google ad they have seen, they will receive a pre-populated text message to their phone. They can then have a conversation via SMS about their specific question.

From the business end: Click-to-Message works like a Pay-Per-Click. The company won’t see any charges for impressions, but the company will be charged for clicks to the ad. That being said, it is a free Google extension.

How Is This Different Than Before Click-To-Message Ads Existed?

With Google’s new SMS feature, customers will be able to save some time from having to dig through a company’s website. Give them answers right away to specific questions they have that might not even be listed on the site. Google’s Click-to-Message ads are more a convenient and direct form of communication.

What This Means For Your Business

This new feature is great news for business and marketing! How?

  1. Not only does it give your business more ways to engage with your customers, it makes starting a conversation easier. There are potential customers out there who might be too shy or busy to make a call or write an email to your company or who just want an answer right away. SMS Click-to-Message can help out on these fronts.
  2. It helps determine who is a qualified lead. If someone is messaging you about specifics and details, chances are they might already be in the consideration stage of the sales funnel.
  3. It gives you contact info for the lead. After the potential customer reaches out, your business will have their phone number, which gives you another way to contact them again in the future.
  4. Click-to-Message will enhance the user’s experience and make it more personal (and personable). Talking to a real human that can give your customer an answer to their specific question – well, I think we can all get on board with that.
  5. It’s easy to use. If you already use Google Adwords, all you have to do is put some information in (a pre-populated message, a business phone number) and did we mention it’s a free extension?
  6. Click-to-Message can help pre-qualified customers start the decision process. It gets the ball rolling in the right direction and provides them more helpful information so they can make an educated buying decision.
  7. It helps increase brand trust if there’s a human behind the ad for customer service.
  8. Your business can offer 24/7 support. If your office is closed or if it’s after hours, there is still be a way to reach out to your company.

You’re probably already brainstorming ideas on how your business can benefit and how to integrate this feature into your marketing strategy. Great! On to…

How To Get Started

All you need is a Google Adwords account to get started. Once you’ve set up your account, take a look at integrating the chat with ads using message extensions, which can be created at either the campaign or group level under the heading Ad Extension.

Next Steps

Not sure where to go next? Feel free to contact us for more information or if you need any help setting up and optimizing your campaigns so your business can start seeing more conversions.

You can reach out to me directly at or visit our contact page for more info.

Happy Marketing!

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