We Looked Into the Crystal Ball…


You don’t know her, but Crystal knows you. A lot about you in fact!

Crystal Knows is a new online tool that’s very interesting and highly insightful, but also walks the line on eerie and maybe even TMI. Crystal brings freelance anthropology to a whole new level.

Crystal Knows pulls information from your online profiles (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and others) and analyzes them to write a description about you based on the DISC personality assessment (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness).

This tool promises to know the best way to reach out to leads, customers, coworkers, employers, and anyone in between. There’s a limit on the free version but the paid version promises many more features.

You can search for people and it will run an assessment on them and then view their personality, see how your personality types interact, and send them a personal email all based on Crystal’s assessment. You can even get relationship advice from Crystal, but personally, I would take relationship advice from an algorithm with a grain of salt (but that’s just me!).

She’ll summarize your personality in a tweet-able blurb, but will also give you stats on people’s motivation, how to win their trust, and what to say when emailing them. She’ll even give you email templates to send depending on what you’re reaching out to the person about!

Crystal Knows Accel

Just in case you where stumped about what to say when about reaching out to us in the future, here’s what Crystal had to say about some of us:

Keith McGibbon


More of Keith’s stats:

  • It comes naturally to Keith to easily perceive the emotions of others
  • You can win Keith’s trust by remembering and asking about his personal details
  • Keith is motivated by group cooperation

John Rau


Some John Rau fun facts:

  • It comes naturally to John to make decisions based purely on logic
  • John is motivated by exploration & discovery ?
  • You can win John’s trust by debating frequently and objectively

Jill McArthur


Jill cheat sheet:

  • Jill is motivated by peaceful environments
  • When speaking to Jill, talk about abstract philosophies or ideas
  • When working with Jill, schedule meetings over food or drinks ?❤️

If you want to see more of what a Crystal analysis looks like, you can see Keith’s report here.

Whether you think it’s innovative or redundant, you can definitely get a kick out of it. We sure did! Check it out and see what Crystal will say about your coworkers, business partners, and yourself ?

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