Behavior Based Emails Explained


Have you ever gotten an email that seems to know about something you interacted with online? You know what I mean – those emails that remind you that you left something in your online checkout, or the ones that offer customer support a few days after your purchase something from a website.

How does it know? And why does it make a difference when compared to non-behavior based services?

What Behavior Based Emailing Means

First let’s touch on non-behavior based services.

While there are some circumstances where static emailing can be beneficial, that’s really what it is – static. These emails can often seem impersonal and often rely on guess work. Sending out one catch all email to your entire list at the same time isn’t always effective when you’re aiming at your specific target audience.

So now we can fill in the gaps using behavior based emailing.

Behavioral email campaigns are based on the actions that your customers do (or don’t) take when interacting with your content or emails. With this type of dynamic information, you can send emails that truly matter to each individual recipient that are based on the person’s previous actions.

For this post, we will be using SharpSpring to highlight how awesome behavior based emailing can be.

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How Much Effort is Involved?

Oh of course, the best part – much of behavior based marketing can be automated. Your emails can be created ahead of time, scheduled, and set out (or not) on a rule based system of your choice.

In the example below, SharpSpring will send a promotional email to a prospect when they visit the pricing page of their website, indicating they are close to making a purchase and are in the final pricing research stage.


More Benefits

A drip campaign (sending an email periodically based on the customer’s interest) is always a good place to start with marketing automation, so we will be using that as a general example below.

Tracking & Lead Scoring

Behavior based emailing simplifies and specializes tracking. Using SharpSpring’s Life of the Lead, you can track each individual’s actions. This data is automatically captured and with it, you can extract info about each individual – their interests, what they’re doing with the emails they get, when they opened them, links clicked, etc.


Lead scoring is a great feature of tracking. SharpSpring’s lead scoring system lets you to rank contacts depending on the objective you’re trying to achieve. You can then combine the powers of behavior based emailing with your scoring platform to present timely and relevant content to your contacts.



Automation provides you with the ability to target your contacts and send them content that is based on their behaviors. With behavior based marketing automation, you do 30% of the work, and the software does the other 70% (if you’re using the right tools).

As a quick example, let’s say you’re doing an email marketing campaign to sell your newest product. Ahead of time, you would set up your campaign to have certain events “triggered” as people open and interact with your emails. These events are rule based.

You get a few people clicking around – great! Your work is already done – SharpSpring will send out your second/third/reminder emails based on exactly what those people have shown interest in.

Once they’ve signed up or made a purchase, you can add them to a post-purchase drip campaign with follow-ups and post-purchase upsells!


Automated lists – your sales team will be thanking you. Set up your rules and start collecting data. This allows you to sync your sales opportunities with each contact, again, based on how they interact. You will have collected specific data on each person, which makes reaching out to their needs even simpler. SharpSpring makes list segmentation easy (and pretty), with lots of options.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 1.32.09 PM

With SharpSpring, you can also decide what kind of list they should be in. Are they a qualified lead? Maybe someone from your sales team should follow up. Would it be possible for your team to send out a promo to a certain list, like one that hasn’t been interacting for a while, just to remind them that you’re still there?

This makes data collection organized and easy to use later, when it’s time for your sales team to do what they do best.

Putting Your Emails to Work

If you’d like to learn more about how to automate and personalize emails based on user behavior, feel free to comment below, or get in touch with me at if you have any questions.

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