SharpSpring Lead Scoring Best Practices


SharpSpring’s Lead scoring feature allows for you to organize and prioritize leads based on specific attributes, or based on important actions that the lead has taken. Whether it’s visiting a certain page or filling out a form, SharpSpring allows for defining custom lead scoring parameters.

Below we’ll show you how to set it up.

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What is a Lead Score?

Lead scoring allows you to assign certain visitors on your site a “score” where point system decided by you. The score can be dependant on different variables. The higher the score, the more qualified the lead. It can also help you to determine priority of your leads.

What Makes Up Lead Scoring

These are all just guidelines on how to set your lead scoring system depending on what matters to you.

When someone fill out a form, do they only put their email or their other contact info as well? This simply refers to how complete a lead’s information is. Someone who filled out an email, phone number, and city would have a higher lead score than someone who only put their first name.


Refers to what the visitor does on your site, how many/which pages they visit, and if they are they filling out forms, downloading content or interacting with your site in any way. Bounces don’t count in engagement.

Page Tracking
You can set different amounts of points for specific pages or forms. Use Page Tracking to assign which pages have more weight or value to a lead.

Refers to how well a lead aligns with your target market. If the lead’s ___ is ___, give them x points. For example – If a lead’s city is Vancouver, give them 10 points. If their city is Lively, give them 5 points.

If someone hasn’t interacted or been active recently, their score can be lowered over time. You can determine how quickly or slowly leads decay (if at all).

SharpSpring Pricing

How to Set it Up

  • Sign in to your SharpSpring account
  • Under the main menu, go to Automation > Lead Scoring
  • Assign how your lead scoring system will work. It’s arbitrary, so you can decide what you’re looking for and how many points certain events are worth.
    • You can also use the drag and drop sliding scale to specify lead score ranges
  • Add rules to tracking, media, or fit (if applicable)
  • Save Changes
  • You can now view your contact’s new lead scores!


Why Use Lead Scoring?

There are some great benefits to using a lead scoring system. Shouting out every single one would take a whole separate blog post, but here’s the tip of the iceberg.

You can create your own point system! This means you get to focus on what’s important for your business.

By assigning a lead scoring system, you can decide what qualities make a good lead and focus on those specific leads by showing you what leads to prioritize. Not to mention that it also leaves you with organized visitor contact information.

It also gives you a lens to see what types of lead characteristics matter most. This helps to target potential customers and deliver more high-quality leads to sales. This of course, leads to increased marketing effectiveness.

Essentially, lead scoring makes your sales & marketing strategy more streamlined and effective. 

What’s Next?

As a SharpSpring partner, we specialize in setting up ROI-driven marketing campaigns and offering exclusive SharpSpring Pricing Discounts. Feel free to comment below, or get in touch with us if you have any questions about what you can do to ramp up your qualified leads.

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