How to Bulk/Mass Unsubscribe Contacts in SharpSpring


SharpSpring is a great marketing automation platform that is constantly growing with new features.

There is however, one feature that is missing right now: Bulk/Mass Unsubscribe.

Sometimes you will want to unsubscribe all contacts from a particular organization. The logical way for this to work would be to search for the organization name, select all, and then hit some unsubscribe button.

But when you select several contacts in SharpSpring, there is no Unsubscribe button. You can only unsubscribe them one-by-one by clicking on the gear icon to the right of the contact but that can be time-consuming.

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Clicking the gear icon to the right of every contact you want to unsubscribe = Lots of work

no unsubscribe

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The Solution

Luckily there is a way around this until SharpSpring adds a Bulk Unsubscribe button to the menu. SharpSpring’s support team made me aware of this workaround (thanks btw!)

You will have to follow these steps:

  1. Create a list for people to unsubscribe (your “unsubscribe” list)
  2. Select the people you want to unsubscribe people and assign them to this list
  3. Create a workflow that unsubscribes people
  4. Schedule the workflow for your “unsubscribe” list

1. Create a list for people to unsubscribe (your “unsubscribe” list)

Go Automation > Lists. Create a new list by clicking Options > New List. Call it Unsubscribe, check “Make this list available in the Contact Manager” and select “Manual – Add specific people to the list”.

New list

2. Select the people you want to unsubscribe people and assign them to this list

Go Contacts > Contact Manager. Apply whatever filters you want (company name, domain name, date range, etc).

Choose “Select All” or use the checkboxes beside their name to select individual ones. (Bonus hint: you can show more results on this page by clicking Options > Contacts per page)

Click Options > Selection > Assign to List and choose your “Unsubscribe” list


3. Create a workflow that unsubscribes people

Go Automation > Workflows. Click Options > New Workflow. Call it “Unsubscribe” and check “Make this workflow available in Contact Manager”.

Add the action “start change lead field Is Unsubscribed to value 1“. Hit Save (should look like below, minus the dancing emojis).

create workflow

4. Schedule that workflow for your “unsubscribe” list

Now go Automation > Lists. Click the gear icon to the right of the “Unsubscribe” list and select “Schedule Workflow for List”.

Choose the “Unsubscribe” workflow, “As soon as possible” and click “Schedule Workflow”.

The people you originally selected are now unsubscribed.

Wow, that was a lot of work. Do I have to do that every time!?

happy faceNow that you have the List and Workflow set up, all you have to do each time you want to do a bulk/mass unsubscribe in SharpSpring is to add the contacts to the Unsubscribe list in Contact Manager and then schedule the Unsubscribe workflow for that list again, and it will unsubscribe them.

Happy SharpSpring’ing!

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