Remarketing – What is it and how does it work?


Susie owns an interior design company and already uses the internet to promote her business. She has landing pages and has tested them to perfection. Susie runs monthly online advertising campaigns that have generated a lot of traffic to her website, but she hasn’t seen a huge increase in customers.

Susie starts to wonder if there is a way she could market her services to only people who have already shown an interest in her business by visiting her website.

Susie, you are in luck.

Remarketing from Google allows businesses and advertisers to target individuals based on their behaviour on a defined website or page. Run an E-commerce website and want to target people who abandoned their purchase for whatever reason? Have a new product that you want to generate some buzz for? Remarketing has many useful applications. With access to advertise on any Google Display Network site, remarketing gives your ads the chance to appear on over a million websites all over the world as your users browse them.

How can Susie use Remarketing?

Susie’s landing pages are targeted to each room she provides designs for – kitchen, office, bathroom.

If Susie used remarketing to target people who had clicked on her ad, then those people would continue to see the ad (or a variation if Susie set one up) as they continued to browse the internet.

How Does It Work?

Jim is looking to build a new home office and wants a professional designer to help him out. He does a Google search and sees one of Susie’s ads he likes. When Jim clicks on the ad he is redirected to Susie’s landing page showcasing a recent home office she has designed. A cookie is placed on Jim’s computer for the next 30 days (Susie can choose any number up to 540 days).

As Jim navigates to sites that are part of the Google Display Network, Susie’s ad will “follow” Jim around, reminding him that Susie designs great home offices.

Watch the video below for more info on how remarketing works:

How can I be like Susie?

The first step to remarketing is making sure your website and landing pages are generating enough traffic to support a remarketing campaign. In order for remarketing to work you need to have at least 100 active users per 30 calendar days. If your site and landing pages do generate enough traffic, then the next step is to figure out who you want to target. Anyone who has visited your site? Only people who have visited a certain page on your site? Only people who have visited a certain page on your site between a certain date range? The possibilities are almost endless.

Once you have figured out who you want to show your ads to the next step is asking why you want to target those people. Are you looking to increase brand awareness? Make more sales? Remind your viewers of a sale? Whatever the reason it is important to answer the “why” questions, so you can create ads for your remarketing campaign that will support your goals.

Ads for remarketing can take three main forms, text only, graphics and video. Each ad can show up in different areas on Display Network sites so it is important to include the different types in your campaign.

Advertising on National Post - text placement

Advertising on National Post - Graphic ads

Video is another medium that you can use in your remarketing campaign. Including a video allows your ads to show on sites that show YouTube Ads, including YouTube. If you have ever used YouTube, chances are you have come across the ads that play before, during, or after the video you are trying to watch but those are only one area that your ads could appear. Ads can appear in the search results and in suggestions beside your playing video.

Ads on Youtube Ads on Youtube

No matter what your business goals are remarketing can help you achieve them. Contact us or send me an email – –  today to find out if remarketing is the right solution for you.

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